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About ServiceMaster Of Brantford

janitorial and commercial cleaning tasks

Your commercial cleaning specialists

ServiceMaster Clean of Brantford has over 14 years of commercial cleaning experience in many different industries in the Brantford, Paris, Simcoe and Delhi areas.

We are results driven.  We believe in doing the job right and strive to make your job hassle-free, when it comes to cleaning your facility.

Our key services are provided by use of our "Go Green" certified products, continual training of our employees and technologically advanced equipment in our janitorial process. Whether we are restoring VCT flooring, window cleaning, cleaning carpet, grout cleaning or providing janitorial cleaning tasks, you can be assured of the utmost care and most recent cleaning techniques.

Our mission statement is "Incredibly clean, with incredible consistency."

Meet Our Team

Ian SmithIan SmithOperations Manager

Ian Smith

Operations Manager
Years of service: 14

Ian Smith has been in the cleaning industry for 14 years. Ian started as a cleaner with ServiceMaster Clean of Brantford in a small mobile cleaning crew, but worked his way up to Crew Chief. After succesfully running a cleaning crew which cleaned 15 buildings per week, Ian was promoted to Assistant Manager which he held for several years. Feeling the need to expand his experience, Ian went on manage the Operations of a large commercial cleaning company in Toronto. After a few years, Ian has returned to run the Operations of ServiceMaster Clean of Brantford. His goal is to utilize his hands on industry experience to create strong communication between company and client, and expand ServiceMaster Clean of Brantford into the regional leader in janitorial services. 

Allan SmithAllan SmithOwner & President

Allan Smith

Owner & President
Years of service: 14

Allan Smith became Owner and President of ServiceMaster Clean of Brantford in June of 1999. Starting with a small number of clients, Allan worked hard to grow the business and establish ServiceMaster as a leading janitorial company in Brantford and area. With a tireless work ethic, and an eye for detail, Allan continues to be involved in every area of the business, from supervision to sales. He always maintains that janitorial is our industry, but customer service is our major strength.

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Canadian Contribution

Over the years, Canada has made several contributions to ServiceMaster Clean operations internationally. A program initially known as Spotlight was launched in 1973 and is the father of modern carpet care maintenance methods. It consisted primarily of the concept of spot cleaning, complemented by less frequent deeper cleaning procedures.

Additionally, Canada pioneered the sale of franchises by service line. This concept promoted greater expertise and knowledge in each service line.


  • Health Facility Certified

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